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Brooklyn Laundreel

This is laundry belt for interior use. Compact body that is smaller than Japanese paperback looks like tape measure, smooth finish with no screw on surface. 4 m length belt has total 29 holes, each hole can keep and hold coat hanger with no clothespins, it works for quick dry. The belt made of antibacterial & anti-mold polyurethane, safe, clean and strong material. Max load is 15 kg. 2 pcs of hook and rotary body allow multiple way use. Small & simple, but this is very useful indoors laundry item. Easy operation and smart install will fit any types of room.

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The Lusitana chair is the result of a work on plywood, which goes through the new technologies to a meticulous workmanship that gives it a different image and style, where its form expresses an immediate reading, permits to visualize its details, evoking in the imagination shipbuilding, boats and the sea. Its wooden structure fits constructively with simplicity in a single body, distilling elegance from its smooth curves that are organised in an ergonomic way to provide comfort, supported by the fabric upholstery only placed on the structure that can be changed in divers colors.

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The Savana armchair, made entirely by hand and only with wicker branches, was performed at a small workshop in Sao Paulo. A complex work that questions the high industrialization of furniture, since the raw material was not altered for the making of the piece. Referring to the clump of grass as wind, as found in nature, the Savana is an armchair full of identity and with its own magnetism, unable to go unnoticed. With the branches curved into the water and then glued one by one, it reveals a different detail of every angle of vision, with a vide range of details, that only nature could bestow.

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feltstone rug

Felt stone area rug gives an optical illusion of real stones. The use of different wools complement the look and feel of the rug. Stones are different from one another in size, color and high - the surface looks like in the nature. Some of them have a moss effect. Each pebble has a foam core that is surrounded by 100% wool. On the basis of this soft core every rock squeezes under pressure. The backing of the a rug is a transparent mat. Stones are sewed together and with the mat.

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Predominantly designed for the public space, GUFTAGUU is amalgamation of freedom and choice provided to the user. The ability of the seating system to fluctuate between an introvert and extrovert composition through movable seats adheres to the conceptual theme of 'the gentle art of conversation' - GUFTAGUU (Urdu). The system allows fluctuation between 86” to 45” in length and 58” to 26” in width. Constructed from powder coated steel frame, the composition is adaptable for multiple user groups and scenarios. Its adaptive design, facilitates for public waiting areas as well as open parks.

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The Exo chair is designed for use in the interior space. The design idea is represented of a minimalist approach of the shape. This solution is inspired by the desire to create a product with clear visual language. The name of the chair comes from the Greek word Exo, meaning outside. This is a slight hint addresed to the viewer about the need to escape beyond the visual overflow of the daily communication. The chair is made of steel construction and upholstery. Exo will be available in a wide range of colors.

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